Integrative Chiropractic and Extremities (ICE) is a Kennewick, Washington based chiropractic clinic that strives to provide top quality holistic care for people in the local Tri-cities community and beyond.

Mission Statement

Integrative Chiropractic and Extremities (ICE) seeks to help our community’s health and well being through chiropractic services and education. Our goal is to improve our patients’ current health outcomes and outlook by providing excellent treatment, education, and empowerment for our patients to live healthier and more fulfilled lives.

Our Approach

ICE’s non-invasive, drug-less, and surgery-less treatment techniques are focused on correcting underlying sources of pain and dysfunction.  Drs. Kyle Bryant and Joseph Friedman customize these techniques and treatment plans toward each individual patient in order to achieve the best, longest lasting results.

Who We Are


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Meet Dr. Kyle Bryant

Dr. Kyle Bryant is a chiropractor who has been in practice for over 10 years and is the founder and owner of ICE.
Dr Kyle was born and raised in the Tri-city region through high school until leaving for college. He attended Kamiakin high school and graduated in 2003. Before chiropractic school he played collegiate and semi-professional soccer while pursuing his Bachelor’s degree from Gonzaga in 2007.
After graduating from the University of Western States in 2012 with his Doctorate in Chiropractic,  he moved abroad with his wife, Desiree to begin his career in Ireland while also continuing his soccer career.9
The Bryants eventually landed back stateside in Spokane, WA where Dr Kyle evolved in his career and eventually earned his certification in extremities (CCEP). After developing a vision and plan to implement a new clinic with a focus on full body holistic health, the Bryants returned to the Tri-cities area to start and establish Integrative Chiropractic and Extremities (ICE).
“I enjoy working with patients and families of all ages who participate in a wide range of activities from weekend warriors, to musicians, to elite athletes. My approach is holistically focused within a chiropractic-wellness paradigm – I believe the body is self-healing and we must learn how to tap into these abilities if we are to understand solutions to our health.  This perspective allows me to focus on finding medical answers through preventative health and function.  I welcome any patient striving to better themselves and improve their health!”

In his personal life, Dr. Kyle is married to his wonderful wife, Desiree and has three kiddos – Noa (9), Rhett (7), and Rhyse (5). He enjoys being a dad, spending time with his family and friends, gardening, coaching, staying active, and of course – playing soccer!

Meet Dr. Joseph Friedman

Hailing from Dallastown, PA, Dr. Joseph Friedman began his journey in health and wellness as a teenager. During high school he found a passion for bodybuilding, which sparked his interest in the human body and the world of sports and human performance. “I spent most of my high school anatomy classes daydreaming about the gym after school. I could put the things that I just learned into practice. I was fascinated!”

He attended Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology with a focus in Pre-Health Professions in 2014. It was during a lecture at Temple University that Dr. Joe was first exposed to chiropractic. “I came home after that class and said to my girlfriend (now fiancee), Kimberlyn, ‘I think I just found the career that I want to do for the rest of my life!’” During this time, he began shadowing chiropractors to gain exposure to the various ways that chiropractic can help patients.

In 2016 they packed up their car and made the journey to San Jose, CA, where Dr. Joe attended Palmer College of Chiropractic West. During his time at PCCW, he was involved in many Sports Council events including being an on-the-field treating intern for San Jose State Men’s Rugby, Avon Breast Cancer Runs, and the Sea Otter Classic. He also became a champion bodybuilder when he won the NPC Mr. San Francisco Classic Physique Overall in 2017. In his last quarter of school, Dr. Joe went to a preceptorship with a sports-based chiropractor in South San Jose. This eventually turned into the first place where he practiced chiropractic. That experience proved to be invaluable as he was able to treat athletes of all ages and from many organizations including the NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, and more.

Dr. Joe has continued his education with certifications including FRCms, FRA, ELDOA, SOMA Therapy, and NASM CES.
In late 2020, Dr. Joe and Kimberlyn moved to the Tri-Cities area, where they now reside with their kitties, Luna and Apawlo, and their dog, Bill.

“Being a chiropractor has been one of the most rewarding experiences–and best journeys–of my life. Because every body is different, I believe in empowering each patient to reach their wellness goals: no matter how big or small. With chiropractic, I help people move better, which means that they can get back to doing the things that they love; and with the correct patient-oriented exercise selection, I know that we can continue to learn how to move better and make our bodies more resilient. I am excited to bring my skills to the wonderful people of the Tri-City area!”

Meet Desiree - Clinic Director

Meet Desiree, ICE Clinic’s Director. When she is not herding cats (children) while at home, she is behind the scenes making our clinic run smoothly and effeciently. She is responsible for much of the clinic’s representation as well as the push for a healthy and holistic approach to our overall culture.

“Growing up in the small town of Walla Walla, I was blessed to be raised by an upbringing that valued nature and surviving off of the land. I admired my mom and dad who were both focused on health and fitness, while also having a great appreciation for the outdoors.

After graduating from Walla Walla Highschool, I set out on my collegiate education where I eventually graduated with my Bachelor’s degree from Evergreen State College. From there I traveled the world for a few years working as an English teacher while living in various countries including Israel, Turkey, Korea, and Tanzania. It eventually landed me in between pursuing my Master’s degree, which is where I met Kyle.

Fast-forward a few years and we now have 3 beautiful, healthy children together and have created our dream clinic at ICE. I feel so fortunate to use this clinic to help those ailing in our local community, and am very passionate about making a difference in the health of others. My background and traveling experience has lead to a deeply engrained appreciation for natural and holistic approaches to health care and management.”

Meet Tanisa - Front Desk/billing

Meet Tanisa, who is a friendly face you will see at the front desk but also helps with a lot of the behind the scenes billing functions of the clinic. She brings unique experience previously working in other chiropractic clinics, medical clinics, and small businesses. We value Tanisa’s presence at ICE and appreciate her keen eye to help improve the overall function of the clinic and experience for our patients!
I was born and raised in Ephrata, attending my senior year, and graduating from Othello High School in 2005. I moved to the East Coast at 18 years old, where I lived for two years. I was fortunate to experience the big city living, and traveling, working for the airlines in Virginia, flying out of Washington DC, and eventually also Orlando Florida. After two years of excitement, I came to settle in the Tri-Cities in 2007.
“In December of 2012 I found out I would be expecting my first, and only child. She is my greatest blessing, making me a mother to my very special little girl. With changes in my health, I have found the greatest help within chiropractic and natural health. Ive learned that by giving our bodies the right tools, they have enormous potential and ability to heal themselves.
I also have a passion for helping others and strive in customer service. Finding ICE has been a blessing as it offers me the ability to be surrounded by both of these and continue in my health journey.

Meet Kelsey - Media And Marketing Manager

Meet Kelsey, ICE clinic’s Media and Marketing Manager.  Kelsey is someone who began at our clinic at the beginning of the year as a floating position, however was quickly thrust into the dynamic demand of a bustling clinic.  Kelsey has proven herself to be a very valuable asset to ICE and given her recent transition towards motherhood, we have managed to hold onto her talents and abilities to generate a lot of the ICE content that you see throughout the clinic.

“I was born and mostly raised in Walla Walla Washington. I graduated as a Wa-Hi Blue Devil in 2013 and completed my AA at Columbia Basin College. During my early 20’s I lived in Idaho and Nevada. Along the way I was able to experience the dynamic of larger city life and met my amazing husband, Elliot, while residing in Las Vegas.

From there we moved to the Tri-Cities. My top hobbies include watching scary movies, drawing, and above all, staying active. After 3 years of consistent weight training and meal prepping, I decided to channel my passion of fitness to help others take more control of their health. I then received my CPT through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2017.

Leading up to my second year as a personal trainer, I came to Dr.Kyle with consistent headaches, anxiety, and mild depression. Even as a professional in the fitness and health world, I was still in the dark. I had accepted my symptoms as a normalcy of everyday life. As I continued to come to the clinic for adjustments, I was introduced to a new outlook on health and natural ways to drive the human body to its potential. With minimal to no headaches, and a new outlook on health, I joined the ICE clinic team February of 2020.

I am so thankful to be a part of everyone’s growth just as the clinic team was a crucial part in mine!”

Meet Jacey - Chiropractic Assistant/laser Technician

Meet Jacey, who has been with ICE since the beginning of 2022 but has quickly established herself as an important part of the ICE machine. She has exceptional knowledge in health and fitness, with a mind that is contuinually pursuing research and asking the right questions to better challenge our clinicians and our patients. We are very thankful for her presence at the clinic!

“My name is Jacey and I am from the small farm town of Oakesdale Washington. I graduated in 2018 from Washington State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. Being healthy and active is extremely important to me. In college I worked as a Personal Trainer and discovered my passion of helping others improve their fitness and mobility.

Curiosity is large portion of my personality. I especially love learning about the human body and how everything is interconnected. ICE immediately caught my eye because of their unique approach to health. Not only do our doctors want to treat their patients, they also want to educate everyone that walks through our doors.

I am thrilled to be a member of their team so I can continue to help others on their wellness journey and expand my own knowledge.”

Meet Heather - Chiropractic Assistant/Front Desk

Heather has joined ICE with a very neat back-story, especially in regards to her health. Her diverse background has allowed her to thrive in multiple positions within the clinic, and even joins Jacey as one of our laser technicians!

Her positivity and genuine nature make her an important asset to our team. She has a special way of interacting with people and establishing relationships, so we are sure you will find her as amazing as we do!

“I moved to Tri Cities in 2006 from Tacoma, Washington where I was raised. My professional background is in banking where I worked in several different roles from teller to personal banker to operations specialist. After having children, I left my career in banking to stay home and raise my two daughters. While at home I pursued my microblading certification and opened my own studio as a microblading artist.

When I’m not working or spending time with my children I enjoy time with my dog, Chewy, weight lifting, spending time cooking and catching up with friends, live music, hiking and time outdoors.

I came to ICE originally as a patient seeking care after a car crash. The approach to overall health and the care that the clinic provides was something I had been looking for but had yet to find until then…

I have had a passion for health and a holistic approach to self-care for most of my life. Growing up my mom always used natural remedies for healing and at 18 I developed a drive for exercise and weight lifting when I realized it was the key to managing the chronic pain I was living with. At the time I didn’t know the root cause of my chronic pain. In 2021 I found the answer when I was diagnosed with Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. 

The doctors here at the clinic were some of the only ones I had found who knew anything about my genetic disorder and how to help manage my symptoms. I’m so grateful to work at ICE where I’m surrounded by such a knowledgeable, compassionate group of people and continue to grow and learn about a natural approach to living life without pain all the while helping people recapture their own health.”

Meet Shayla - Chiropractic Assistant/Social Media

Meet Shayla – someone who has really grown and developed within her roles while working at ICE. Shayla is able to wear many hats in our clinic but has an exceptional ability to provide quality care with her assisting duties while in the treatment rooms. Her strong work ethic, graceful attitude, and inspiring spirit make her an extremely valuable member of our team and to our patients!

“I was born and raised in Tri-cities, Wa. I attended Hanford highschool where I graduated in 2019. Growing up I played a wide variety of sports all year round. My main sports being softball and basketball which I played into highschool. Sports being a huge part of my life gave me an appreciation for staying active in fun and entertaining ways. I continue to do so today in activities like snowboarding, hiking, pick up volleyball games and many of my other hobbies.

A few of my passions that inspire me and fuel me the most in life are travel & spontaneous adventures, people, and the wellness of our body, mind and spirit!

I started coming to ICE as a patient of Dr. Eric’s in early 2021. I had been experiencing some bad neck pain from being a receptionist, as well as having poor body awareness. At the time I had never been to a Chiropractor and didn’t know what to expect. I left not only feeling better physically, but more aware of how to prevent pain and strengthen my body. At the time I had been working at a massage studio for almost 2 years, which had already inspired my love for a holistic approach to medicine. Having first hand experience with Chiropractic care relieving my pain only fueled my interest in holistic health.

Since working at ICE I have been blessed to receive countless amounts of knowledge regarding all aspects of health. Most of which I come across myself using in my everyday life. I look forward to helping create and build the same health focused environment that has helped change my view on healthy living!”

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