Spinal Adjustments

Spinal adjustment performed to a patient at ICE

The hallmark tool of chiropractic therapy is focused on restoring segmental motion to specific spinal vertebrae through spinal adjustments that benefit the body by:

  • reducing pain
  • increasing range of motion
  • decreasing muscle spasm
  • breaking up scar tissue improving neurologic function

Spinal manipulation is a tool used by many different types of health practitioners, however chiropractors primarily use this form of treatment as their specialty.

In the past, many patients understood the benefit of chiropractic adjustments to originate from the “bone out of place” model in regards to spinal dysfunction.

However, the latest chiropractic, biomechanical, and neurological research has revealed that this theory is too simplistic in its understanding and is no longer scientifically satisfactory.  It is indeed a much more physiologically complex and interconnected process(es) than we have yet to comprehend.

Nevertheless, as research continues to catch up to the clinical experience, chiropractors have been seeing effective and consistent results with many different types of patients that are seeking a natural, cost-effective alternative to typical western medical approaches.

At Integrative Chiropractic and Extremities, our chiropactors offer many different spinal adjustment techniques that aim to accomplish the same goal – restore segmental spinal movement. Our doctors continually develop new techniques and attend numerous continuing education courses to further enhance their skill and understanding of these adjustments in order to provide the highest quality chiropractic care.

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