At ICE, we pride ourselves on the educational aspect of healthcare. We feel this often gets neglected with all of the technological advances of medicine and the way our current healthcare paradigm is shaped.

We also believe it is our primary job to educate you on HOW to better take care of your health. If we are able to teach you how to better take care of yourself and your loved ones, we know that you will be much more inclined to live a more joyful and pain-free life!

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Jacey is back to share with you another fascinating aspect of LOW LEVEL LASER⚡️ 

Here we go over a before and after of a new laser protocol called the “Cerebellar reset” 🔥 @erchonia 

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Do you have a favorite adjustment? ❤️‍🔥

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Ever wonder, what exactly is cold laser?👀

If so, listen up! Here Jacey explains more of the science behind the lasers🔥

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How do we treat a sprained ankle?👀

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