IASTM performed to a wrist at ICE

An innovative instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization technique (IASTM) enables our clinicians to effectively address scar tissue, muscular adhesions, and fascial restrictions. This technique utilizes specially designed stainless steel instruments which may greatly improve:

  • old injuries
  • surgery scars
  • lymphatic drainage

Commonly recognized as a specific type of instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, Graston Therapy, our clinic utilizes a combination of various forms of IASTM to help enhance our chiropractic adjustment treatments. We use Zuka tools which are specifically designed to address different body parts including muscle, tendon, and ligaments that may have developed fascial adhesions or scar tissue from traumas, repetitive use, or surgery.

Much less invasive than surgery, these techniques can greatly restore range of motion and help balance the function of stubborn old injuries by breaking up these protective, but limiting tissue structures.

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