Extremity Adjustments

Chiropractor adjusting an extremity at ICE

As one of the primary services of ICE, our extremity adjustments are based on state-of-the-art CCEP diagnosis and manipulation techniques that are designed to improve range of motion, stabilize joint position, and enhance function of non-spinal body parts. These are ideal for:

  • chronic shoulder pain
  • ankle sprains
  • tendonitis
  • bursitis
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • plantar fasciitis

Within the chiropractic profession, finding a chiropractor who will address extremity injuries can be rare. In addition, finding a chiropractor who addresses extremity function EVERY treatment session can be that much more difficult to find.

ICE provides a unique treatment approach and service that incorporates extremity health into overall spinal health during each treatment. Dr. Kyle Bryant is specially certified in extremity assessment and treatment as a CCEP (certified chiropractic extremities practitioner) that is recognized through the Council on Extremity Adjusting. This prestigious board of chiropractors encompasses the importance of holistic structural care in changing the current healthcare paradigm that we operate.

Dr. Kyle is one of two CCEPs listed within the south-eastern region of Washington state. With this special certification, we have been trained to specifically address many common non-spinal injuries that are both chronic and acute.

Our belief is that the extremities will directly affect the health of the spine and visa-versa, so it is absolutely necessary to make sure they are functioning in a coordinated fashion before the end of each treatment. 

For this exact reason we have developed a technique known as the Functional Extremity Assessment (FEA) that is designed to effectively screen individual extremity function as well as a whole body functional pattern. This in-house technique allows our doctors to purposefully and objectively determine which parts of the body need to be adjusted and which don’t – from head to toe, every visit. 

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