Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has proven itself to be one of the most effective and advanced modern medicine tools to promote healing.

At ICE, we use Erchonia FDA-cleared lasers to accelerate health outcomes. Much like a plant converts the sun’s light energy into chemical energy for food, researchers have found that when our bodies are exposed to certain frequencies and wavelengths of light, the mitochondria in our cells generate more ATP (adenosine tryphosphate). ATP is essentially the energy our cells use to communicate and regenerate which may in part explain why LLLT has so much success and potential to help heal a wide range of health imbalances and ailments.

Low-level laser is unique because it is a concentrated, monochromatic (one color) form of energy, allowing it to penetrate the skin to a greater depth as compared to other light sources. Research shows that this unique exposure is where the most effective benefits are found in regards to light therapy, as opposed to other forms such as LED and infra-red exposure.

We utilize 5 different types of Erchonia lasers in our office: the handheld XLR8, EVRL, and GVL along with the more powerful and dynamic FX405.  We also use the Zerona for metabolic reset and non-invasive body contouring programs. These lasers are able to produce therapeutic effects without generating heat during the procedure. Each laser has its own unique properties but one thing they all have in common is the ability to reduce inflammation

These low-level powered lasers are generally used as a post-adjustment enhancement, but we also provide separate treatments with longer exposure times coupled with additional healing therapies customized to each patient.


Please read below to learn more about each one and what conditions they may help with…

Our most powerful laser has multiple FDA clearances that show it is effective in reducing pain and inflammation in the body with no side effects…


The GVL has been shown in clinical trials to be superior in decreasing pain and increasing range of motion in the neck and shoulder in a single session…

The combination of red and violet light makes this laser unique and versatile. This laser has FDA clearances for a variety of conditions and symptoms…

The XLR8 laser  is great at reducing inflammation. This laser is FDA cleared for low back pain, neck pain, plantar fasciitis, and musculoskeletal pain…

The Zerona is FDA market cleared for overall body circumference reduction. This painless, noninvasive cold laser is effective at shrinking fat cells…

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