Corrective Exercises

Corrective exercises are instructed at ICE

The primary focus of chiropractic revolves around normal segmental motion of the spine. Our chiropractors treat with this in mind, however to fully address the source of the problem for many people, corrective exercises are prescribed in place of medication. Think of this as the “medication” we prescribe!

Faulty movement patterns are created over the course of our lifetime through traumatic injuries, postural distortions, or repetitive motions. Within ICE’s chiropractic treatment approach, it is essential to correct these issues for ultimately better and longer lasting outcomes.

Exercises will be taught to help address particular movement pattern deficiencies that are identified during your initial assessment, which may be linked to pain or predispose towards injury. These will be pieced together in a progressive manner in order to establish new structural changes that are desired for longer term outcomes. Corrective exercises will also help to prolong the benefit of your adjustments.

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